Wall Space Gallery is proud to present two exhibitions for JunePublished on May 31, 2022


Wall Space Gallery is proud to present two exhibitions for June:

Nate Nettleton | Bright Before Me

Florence Solis | Doppelgänger

On display June 9 – 30. Opening reception June 11, 5 – 8 pm.

Ottawa-based Nate Nettleton’s “Bright Before Me” continues the artist's ongoing scribble sculpture series, as well as includes a collection of his signature overlapping mixed media works. The scribble sculptures symbolically represent giving a noticeable existence to the routinely disregarded. The mixed media works are produced using an opposing directional overlapping pattern aiming to explore the concept of finding harmony and balance within opposition.  

Florence Solis is a self-taught artist and professional designer based in Toronto; her work intersects traditional portraiture and digital design to create dynamic contemporary compositions. Solis’s current body of work reflects the constant search for identity through a deconstructive creative process. She draws many influences from her design background by creating illustrative digital collages as a base for her work. The act of taking apart images to develop a composition is an intuitive process where she creates fictitious subjects, mostly women. These fragmented subjects are an impression of our multi-dimensional selves that go beyond what is captured in a traditional portrait.

Wall Space Gallery opened its location and project-driven space in the Westboro Village neighborhood of Ottawa in 2008. Committed to thought-provoking and engaging exhibitions, the gallery represents both emerging and established Canadian artists working in traditional and new media. Our gallery takes pride in making contemporary fine art accessible, building community, and encouraging critical dialogue. 

358 Richmond Rd, Westboro Village in Ottawa, ON



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