Protecting your home and family while enjoying the thrill of the grillPublished on April 1, 2021


Wherever you plan to enjoy grilling this year, there’s one essential tool that should be part of every outdoor cooking adventure: the First Alert EZ Fire Spray. Offering a user-friendly alternative to traditional fire extinguishers, this lightweight canister is easy to keep handy and all you need to do in an emergency grill fire situation is just point and spray.

First Alert – a leader in fire safety solutions – developed the EZ Fire Spray to be less intimidating and easier to handle during a small fire emergency. With its compact, point-and-spray design, it’s as easy to use as other familiar household products, providing users with more control, plus covering up to three times more surface area and spraying up to four times longer than typical household fire extinguishers. The one-time use spray can contains a powerful, proven liquid non-toxic firefighting agent that is easy to clean up and effective on common household fires including paper, fabric, wood, cooking oil and electrical fires.

Having fire extinguishing devices on hand for both indoor and outdoor use – and knowing how to use them – is an essential part of a good home safety plan, knowing that every second counts when a fire starts. To find a First Alert EZ Fire Spray retailer near you, visit and get ready to enjoy peace of mind as you experience the thrill of the grill this year.

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