Wool, NaturallyPublished on November 23, 2018


If your next decorating project includes carpet then it’s time to think about upgrading to wool.

Wool carpeting offers several practical benefits aside from the natural beauty and luxurious look and feel of the fibres.

The organic nature of wool means that it’s much better for our health. Off gassing is very minimal with wool carpeting and it doesn’t promote the growth of dust mites and moulds, making it a wise choice for allergy prevention.

The true beauty of wool’s practical side is that it’s naturally stain resistant. Spills clean up effortlessly and dirt doesn’t stick as easily to wool fibres as with synthetic carpets.

Wool carpeting comes in a variety of colours and patterns to suit décor style. Upgrading to wool means that your rooms will add a luxurious warmth to the winter months while maintaining a cooling element in the summertime.

Westboro Flooring and Décor has numerous options to choose from, stop by their showroom at 195 Colonnade Rd S.

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