On Time, In StylePublished on November 6, 2017

The Tense Watch

There really is no excuse for not being on time these days. Everyone carries the constant reminders of time, schedules, appointments with them in their smart phones. But, that doesn’t make wearing a watch redundant. In fact, it seems that the humble watch has stood the test of time and, it would seem, is not so humble after all.

Watches are a statement piece, art for the arm. Watch companies are listening with eye-catching designs meant to do so much more than keep people on time. The Tense wood watch, available at WatchIt, at St Laurent is a good example of the style power of a good time piece. Made from 100% recycled or reclaimed wood, in Vancouver, Canada, the Tense watch serves as an example of the tradition of quality standing the test of time. This holiday season consider the gift of style for the wrist of someone rooted in the notion of being on time with quality craftsmanship.

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