Back to School in ComfortPublished on August 25, 2017

Back to School

Back to School in Comfort

Let’s face it, kids like to be comfy and current fashion trends know this. Sending kids back to school this year means pushing them out the door in comfort clothes that check the style box.


Dressing in sweats doesn’t mean baggy, messy looking pants anymore. Clothing designers have addressed the need for comfort with a more tailored approach. Stylish comfort clothes from Souris Mini at St. Laurent mean on-trend colours and stylish detailing. Kids can lean into work with a feeling of comfort and the confidence of looking as smart as the textbooks they carry back and forth.

With sneakers being all the rage the wide variety of styles will make choosing one pair a challenge. Aldo is answering the call this season with plenty of selection to help your kids walk in style and comfort towards higher learning.

Visit a number of stores at St Laurent to get kids back-to-school ready in style, on trend and right on the budget mark!

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