Using Professional Decorating ServicesPublished on February 1, 2017


With a plethora of visual inspirations in the world of style and décor its easy to get caught up in the desire to decorate space using tips and tricks found on the web but the reality of pulling together a visually appealing, high functioning space isn’t as simple as mimicking an image.

Interior designers and decorators are well-trained professionals. They combine innate talents with skilled expertise to create rooms that function within space restrictions, honour the unique lifestyles of inhabitants along with coordinating furnishings, fabrics, colour and texture to create visually appealing rooms.
The added bonus of saving time and money by using a professional decorator or designer by avoiding costly mistakes should top the list of reasons to call a decorator. Selecting finishing’s and furnishings is stressful and time consuming. A professional will do this in far less time than someone who isn’t up on the latest trends and specifics about fabric grade and material function.
A well staged home for resale purposes is pretty much a guarantee for increasing the value of the home’s selling price. A beautifully decorated home will always enhance the enjoyment of the space.
The design industry has a far greater reach for product selection than the general public, which makes using a decorator even more appealing. A decorator’s keen eye for colour and good sense of space function will avoid costly paint and furniture selection mistakes. It’s always a good idea to have a non-partisan approach to decorating. Too often the homeowner is attached to furniture and colour for the wrong reasons, fresh eyes bring creative up-to-date ideas and solutions.
The Decorators Choice offers decorating services for commercial and residential properties, as well as a diverse selection of high quality paint, window fashions and decorative items.

Visit Decorators Choice, 1495A Innes Road, Ottawa, 613-736-8212.

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