Welcome BackPublished on November 28, 2023

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In conversation with CTV Morning Live co-host Melissa Lamb, she discusses her return after being gone from the show for six years.

When did you get your start with CTV?

In 2010, I was a part-time news reporter. I became the morning show weather anchor and fill-in host from 2010 to 2017. I have so many unforgettable memories from my time at CTV, from my co-hosts, many who are still my close friends, and many highlights and laughs over the years.

What does it feel like to be coming back after six years away?

It was surreal when they approached me and discussed the opportunity to return. Some part of me always knew my story at CTV wasn’t meant to be over in 2017. After talking to management (about returning), I got in my car and cried the entire way home. I was filled with so many emotions; I had dreamt of this moment for a long time, and to finally have it come to fruition was overwhelming. It is a reminder that not all dreams are meant to be a smooth ride; there will be roadblocks, U-turns, and obstacles in your way, but if you believe in yourself and persevere, you’ll end up where you need to be.  Manifest your dreams, but also do the work to make it happen.

What are you most excited about? How have things changed 
since you left?

I’m so excited to get back to doing what I love. The difference this time is I’m a mom with two kids, Luca, 4, and Lola, 20 months, so my main worry is how this decision will affect them. I’ve been at home with my children ever since they were born. I’m always their constant in the mornings, I know they’re in the best hands with my husband, Nigel Romick (Ottawa Redblacks). While there are a lot of changes at home and on the show, the one constant is the great group I’ll be joining at CTV Ottawa Morning Live. Many of my closest friends still work or have come from there, so we really are like a giant family. I’m excited to be reunited with my old co-host and good friend Stefan Keyes and look forward to working with Rosey Edeh. I think it will be a great fit with a lot of on-air chemistry.

As excited as I was, it wasn’t an immediate yes decision. I had a lot of conversations with my husband and parents about how this would look for us and how we could make it work as a team. My parents are our incredible support system; ultimately, this decision will also impact them. But to have their blessing and support truly meant everything to me and my family. Leaving the house at 4 am while my kids are sleeping means my husband is in charge of getting my kids up and out the door for 8 am, and on days he has an early practice or on the road, that means my parents will be showing up at my house dark and early as we like to say in morning television. It truly takes a village!

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