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From housewares created in partnership with like-minded co-ops to goods sourced from global artisans, Obakki is an innovative, purpose-led lifestyle brand that honours limited edition, small-batch traditional artistry. Everything the brand curates is handcrafted and produced in partnership with a network of world-class craftspeople reflecting the brand's values of sustainability, traceability, and ethical production.

At Obakki, the story behind the product matters. Like that of Sylvester, an artisan who works from a small workshop in the heart of Nairobi, using 100% upcycled brass to produce his collection of jewelry and housewares. Or Doña Viviana, a maker from Oaxaca, Mexico, who forms her candles entirely by hand from 100% beeswax.

Art Experience

Andrew Milne, an Ottawa-area artist, gets his inspiration from a combination of personal experience and a style of art known as Fauvism — works that emphasize intense and explosive colour over the realistic representation of the subject. His artwork is a striking, bold, and colourful interpretation of the landscapes that have shaped his life.

This fall, Andrew has been invited to exhibit his works at the Wall Candy NOIR fine art exhibition at Lansdowne Park, October  21–22, and the Kingston Square 
Foot Show at the Tett Centre Gallery,
October 15–17. He has also been hinting about a pop-up show in his home neighbourhood of the Glebe before 
the end of the year.

Vintage Wares

For many of us, the pandemic was a time to reflect and take stock of our lives, our priorities, and ourselves. Having to rethink our idea of home, many of us took a fresh look at how we want to occupy our space. After their respective businesses were impacted by the lockdown, Bernard Prévost and his sister, Joanne Prévost, came up with an idea for a series of vintage pop-ups focused on a curated selection of upscaled objects to elevate our sense of home. per DIEM specializes in vintage decorative home and garden objects ranging from pottery, dinnerware, textiles, and custom artwork. Bernard and Joanne bring their unique combination of talent and eye for beauty to per DIEM, which presents a different theme concept and a new collection of curated items at every pop-up show. per DIEM debuted last summer at 613flea, a not-for-profit marketplace held in the Aberdeen Pavilion at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa.

Visit per DIEM at 613flea this fall on September 17, October 15, and November 15 or on Instagram @perdiem_popup.

Sandy Connell

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