Hes Back!Published on November 25, 2021

Photo by: Mark Holleron

Derick Fage’s positive attitude and boundless energy helps to ensure that he is happy with whatever he chooses to do in life. Having struggled since birth with the invisible and chronic medical condition of fecal incontinence, Derick knew he was different but didn’t have to do things differently, other than managing his condition.

To help strengthen his confidence, his parents enrolled him in a summer theatre camp that cultivated his dream about being a film and television actor. Derick’s passion for acting has led him to an array of projects including independent films, live theatre productions and local commercials. The consummate entertainer became the host of Daytime Ottawa in 2004, which he left in 2016 to take on a host role for Citytv Breakfast Television in Montreal. Now he’s back with Rogers Daytime Ottawa.

How did your career with Daytime Ottawa come about? My stepmother saw the advertised position and recommended I try out for it as she knew how much I loved acting, film, and television. My first week on the job I knew it was what I wanted to do. I was hired because they liked who I am and wanted me to be me. I fell in love with the show and never wanted to do anything else. It opened the door to our community and introduced me to all these wonderful people and things that were happening. In local community television, you are a voice for people who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to share amazing experiences.

Was it a difficult decision to leave Ottawa for Montreal as a host on Citytv Breakfast Television? For four years I had to leave my family four days a week and commute each weekend. There was a big difference between what I was doing at Daytime Ottawa and the position in Montreal which was one of the biggest markets in the entire country. I went from doing a local community television show to a daily three-hour live show featuring political commentary, weather, traffic, sports, and news. I knew I was talented enough, yet I felt some people did not believe I deserved the position because I wasn’t from Montreal nor a trained journalist. I do not regret it, but it was difficult to be away from my family, friends, my social network, and my community because I always felt I was an Ottawa boy. And Ottawa was home.

How does it feel to be back with Daytime Ottawa? The show was cancelled in Montreal and I am privileged to be able to return here to what I know. It feels like coming home. So many of the same faces are still here that were with me for the first eleven years I hosted the show. I am excited that the studio is getting a whole new look. Expect what we have always done and that is to be the voice of the community and give local people an opportunity to promote themselves, their ideas, and to share their inspirational stories. Growing the viewership is a prime goal and I am working to convince small businesses to sponsor our show which would improve our resources. I want people to feel this is Ottawa’s show.

Have you achieved a positive work-life balance? I have finally learned to say no. Happiness is being able to spend time with my family—my wife Monika, her son Max and my daughter Chloe—at our cottage, which is my piece of paradise. I can get away from it all there, decompress and enjoy all that nature and the outdoors provide.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Exactly where I am now. Walking into the station with a big smile on my face, annoying everybody because I am the happiest person in the building. My goal is to make our guests feel special so every time they come on they know we are excited to have them. I am back and I am here to stay, within the city I love, working my dream job.

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