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  • Fit for Dining
    Photo by: Lexine Mnard

  • Keeping it Real

  • Judi Miller, SummersEnd

  • Jo-ann Zorzi, Under and Over

  • Mario Cerroni, Inevitablitly of Impermanence

  • Kathryn Bossy, Laundry

  • Kathryn Bossy, Laundry

  • Karen Wynne Mackay, the crying garden

  • Lynn Dubinsky, beyond the gate

  • Catherine Gutsche,The Jester comes out to play

  • New Digs
    Photo by: Ashley Foad

Fit for Dining

Neoteric Developments and well-known Ottawa restauranteur Stephen Beckta have partnered to create Beckta Kitchens as part of the new Limestones on Fifth (L5) development. Limestones on Fifth, on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Monk Street, promises world-class design in the heart of the Glebe. The partnership offers buyers the opportunity to consult with the experienced restauranteur on their de-sign plans to create an exclusive custom kitchen. Shneur Bielak, Neoteric’s President and Designer, is excited to have someone with Stephen’s track record for creating world-class dining experiences on board. Stephen is equally excited and honoured to help people cre-ate intimate gathering spaces that are perfect for each family.


7 Works Collective is a group of seven inspirational Ottawa area artists who banded together to create a virtual space to share their expe-rience of the pandemic after their Artscape Artists’ Residency in March 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19. After their initial meeting, they opted to challenge each other to create works of art in their respective mediums. The result is 7 artists—7 challenges—49 pieces of art! The artists include Kathryn Bossy, Mario Cerroni, Lynn Dubinsky, Catherine Gutsche, Judi Miller, Karen Wynne Mackay and Jo-ann Zorzi. Their art is a testament to the power of community to foster creativity, connectivity and friendship during the lockdown.

Keeping it Real

Ottawa based communications entrepreneurs, Jennifer Stewart and Catherine Clark, have partnered to create The Honest Talk. A mul-ti-disciplinary experience for women, The Honest Talk promises to do things differently. Engaging in real, honest conversations with re-markable women, across various platforms, The Honest Talk hopes to leave women feeling connected, inspired, and motivated in their careers and personal lives. The Honest Talk features live events, podcast conversations with notable female leaders, as well as a living website that houses information, resources, and conversations. A new podcast drops every two weeks, and clocks in at about 20 minutes per episode.

New Digs

This spring, the innovative home furnishings and accessories store, Lot 7 is moving to 1000 Wellington Street West. Owner and artistic director, BobbiJo Frasca, is inspired by the rawness of the space, the diversity of the businesses in the area and the opportunity to reach new customers. The new location promises to be bigger, bolder, fresher and is guaranteed to continue to showcase collections which are hand-selected for originality and quality.

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