Finding the Silver LiningPublished on August 30, 2020

Damien Carvery and Warren Frederick Photo by: Mark Holleron

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HeadQuarters is part beauty salon, part café, but full-on community-mindedness. With the spirit of inclusion as a staple, co-owner Warren Freder-ick, who oversees the restaurant, says, “We’re creating a community. It’s a safe space for people to come enjoy, be themselves and be entertained.”

What’s on offer?

HeadQuarters, located on Clarence Street in the ByWard Market, prides itself on being a unique experience with quality restaurant food, home-made syrups for specialty cocktails, and talented stylists, including a barber.“I’ve never seen a salon, restaurant and cocktail bar in one space,” War-ren said. “You can spend all day here and experience different people, cultures, flavours and styles.”

The initial idea to combine a hair salon and restaurant came to co-owner Damien Carvery, who oversees the hair salon, when he was sitting in a coffee shop that had an excess amount of space. “This would be an amazing hair salon and I would keep the coffee shop at the front,” Damien said of his initial idea. “I knew from the beginning that I would be able to push a product like food and alcohol, while clients spend the day with us.”

Adapting to change

When COVID-19 hit, both aspects of HeadQuarters were forced to close, but Warren and Damien didn’t always see that as a bad thing. “I think COVID helped us,” Warren said, “it made people think outside the box.”

On the salon side, that meant taking on less clients when they reopened to ensure people felt safe in the space. On the restaurant side, after the city closed Clarence Street to vehicles, an extended patio helped them serve more customers who want to experience what they are offering.

“We have such a visually appealing place,” Warren claims—referring to their large patio filled with grass and plants. Damien added that he thinks closing Clarence Street to vehicles is something that should have happened sooner. “It’s great for business and encourages foot traffic.”

COVID-19 has also shown Warren and Damien that their industries are moving towards what they refer to as ‘concept spaces’. “We cater not just to the services we provide on a daily basis,” Damien reveals as he referenced HeadQuarters’ white walls, movable glass wall, and furniture on wheels.

2020 has proved the importance of being flexible and adapting to changes in business, and with the ability to host private gatherings, co-owners Warren and Damien feel up to the task.

Olivia Taggart

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