Contain itPublished on May 29, 2020

Photo by: Mark Holleron

Even the smallest outdoor space will benefit from some colour. Container gardens are an ideal solution for balconies and add even more wow to a patio or garden area.

Follow a few simple tips and you’ll end up with gorgeous pots that will last throughout the growing season.

Start with the soil and fill your pot leaving 3 inches of space from the top. Then sprinkle some plant food and work that into the soil.

Use five small plants for a 18-24 inch pot and keep about 1 -2 inches of space in between each plant to allow for growth.

Think of choosing one plant for show and the rest for support! Find a plant that will grow tall and use that for your centre and then work around the edges with something that will spill over the sides, either a flowering plant or greenery. Then fill in with one plant with an intriguing leaf rather than a flower. This allows for each of the flowering plants to do their thing without being overtaken to create an eye-catching pot. Once the pot is planted fill in with some more soil so that the plants will be firmly rooted. Water after planting.

Be sure to watch for the heat factor and keep plants well-watered. Always water them during times when the sun is not out- either early morning or in the evening.

Check the space for sun and shade before you purchase your plants and then choose the right types for the exposure.

Mary Taggart

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