Fashion Freeze FramePublished on March 3, 2016

  • WHO: Lacey, Paralegal
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • WHO: Andrew, student
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • WHO: Chloe, law student
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • WHO: Kay, Law Clerk
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • WHO: Shirley, Designer
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • WHO: Sandra, Civil Servant/Fluevogologist
    Photo by: Katie Hession

A fresh blanket of white snow makes a perfect backdrop for the winter fashion that emerges once the temperature dips. Long coats, faux fur, pompom tuques, leg warmers and blanket scarves are among some of my favourite winter staples. The endless layering possibilities that come with the chill of winter offer lots of options for cold-weather style in Ottawa.

I asked six stylish Ottawans the question: “Where is your favourite place to come in from the cold and be cosy in our city?”

WHO: Sandra, civil servant / fluevogologist
WHERE: Lansdowne skating rink
WEARING: Sola & Kyo coat / pants from Gap / hat by Tierre Taylor / scarf, mittens and long socks hand-knitted by Sandra
“The vintage teacups, mismatched plates and wholesome vegetarian food of The Pantry make it one of my favourite lunch spots. This hidden gem is the perfect spot to knit and enjoy a home-cooked meal.”

WHO: Shirley, designer
WHERE: Rideau Canal
WEARING: Shoes from Value Village / Hilary Radley coat / Studio Bliue designs (by Shirley)
“No matter what time of the day or night, The Manx on Elgin always has the right atmosphere to accommodate all my moods. The furniture, the lighting, the art, the food and The Manx crew’s characters make the place a second home.”

WHO: Chloe, law student
WHERE: Tabaret Lawn
WEARING: Ookpik tuque / Kate Spade scarf / Forever 21 coat / Aritzia dress / Aldo boots
“While the name suggests it may be a better summer spot, Stella Luna Gelato Café is a nice cosy place in the winter. I love their Alpine Hot Chocolate. It’s so delicious and warms you ?right up!”

WHO: Kay, law clerk
WHERE: Rink of Dreams
WEARING: Forever 21 top and necklaces / Old Navy skirt / coat borrowed from a friend / vintage gloves
“Union Local 613 is my favourite winter welcoming spot. I love the unique décor and delicious southern-style comfort food. My favourite part is the speakeasy hidden behind the bookshelf on the lower level. You have to try the boiled peanuts and bourbon lemonade.”

WHO: Lacey, paralegal
WHERE: Rink of Dreams
WEARING: Vintage plaid skirt and cape / Pat Flesher fur collar / tights from Urban Outfitters
“The Moonroom is one of Ottawa’s best-hidden gems. The interior décor screams back-packer’s paradise, with a variety of interesting people forever exchanging stories, laid-back atmosphere, affordable food and great music.”

WHO: Andrew, student
WHERE: The Glebe
WEARING: Pajar boots / Simon’s jeans / Rudsak jacket and gloves / Warby Parker glasses / hand-knit scarf
“Flapjack’s Pancake Shack on Preston is the best place to duck away from the cold. It’s a cosy little place dishing out Canadian comfort food. I feel like a lumberjack every time I walk out of there!”

Katie Hession

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