Paint the town redPublished on May 28, 2018

  • Dems and Doll
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • Emilie Gignac
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • Meredith Lyman
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • Marc Adornato
    Photo by: Katie Hession

Supporting local artists by visiting Ottawa’s art galleries or purchasing their work creates a relationship between our local culture and community. We met up with a few of Ottawa’s talented artists whose work beautifies our city in spaces beyond the traditional art gallery; they are improving the aesthetic of many local businesses we visit every day. Read on to discover how each of their unique styles of art might be in some of your favourite public places without you realizing.

WHO: Dems and Doll, 
a Canadian art couple
“Our art and murals are recognized as illustrative street style and we’ve had the pleasure of painting over one hundred murals in Ottawa over the last four years. You can find them at many coffee houses, clubs, restaurants, schools, head shops and festivals around the city. Two of our favourite murals can be found at Texture Hair Salon and Atari, both located on Dalhousie.”

WHO: Emilie Gignac, abstract painter
“I am interested in the effects of paint and how continuous layering can reveal the paint’s potential to transform. When I am engaged in creating any piece, my time is mostly spent in the exploration phase. I use creamy-coloured paints on canvas for most of my work, but I recently finished a commission for Shopify in Montreal and painted the walls of their art gallery themed room.”

WHO: Meredith Lyman, pop art painter
“My style of art is very pop-inspired. I adore bright colours and vivid expressions usually centred around the face or facial features. My hope is that the passion I have for painting is translated into an emotional experience for the viewer, whether it’s sad, passionate or amusing. Currently, you can see my work at Oxygen Medi Spa, Happy Goat Coffee in Hintonburg and the Grand Hotel in Carleton Place.”

WHO: Marc Adornato, contemporary artist
“Ruined Landscapes is my latest painting series where I take old Bob Ross-style landscapes from thrift stores and add truck roll-overs, toxic train derailments and white-suited hazmat cleanup crews. I also did a series of sculptures with gas masks and antlers that hang in Union 613 and the Hintonburg Public House. I have a new coffee table art book and from April 5 to July 15, you can check out my solo exhibit of my paintings in the Diefenbunker Museum.”

Katie Hession

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