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Facial Renovation

Tap into the latest arsenal of non-invasive treatments that can help to resurface, lift and refresh your face.

1. Lift: natural face lift

Oresta Organic Skin Care’s all-natural “face lift” incorporates the ancient facial rejuvenation techniques of Gua Sha (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Kansa (Ayurveda), healing crystals, manual lymph drainage (MLD) and face-sculpting massage techniques.

“It is designed to help firm and tone the skin, sculpt the jawline and cheekbone, lift the eyelids, firm the neck and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving a healthy balance and radiant glow,” says Oresta Korbutiak, creator of the Oresta Holistic Facelift. The procedure also feeds the skin with organic, antioxidant-rich whole plant medicine and oils plus includes lymphatic drainage and a stimulating facial massage. Cost: Starting at $150

2. New windows: lash extensions

Individual natural lashes are dipped in an adhesive and then attached about 1–3 mm from the base of the lash.

“It gives an immediate eye lift, a dark lash line and full and longer lashes. Plus they offer that wake-up-and-go benefit with little fuss and are especially great for vacations,” says Angelique Do, eyelash specialist at Phi Beauty Bar on Bank Street. With proper application and homecare, the extensions can last up to 6 weeks. Cost: $65–$195.

3. New framing: eyebrow microblading

Eyebrow artist Megan Klimkowski (@browdesign_bymegan) believes that well-shaped eyebrows can not only open up the eyes and help to frame the face but can even have a lifting effect. “Microblading has become very popular simply because no woman is born with perfect brows.”
The procedure involves small, precise stokes that mimic the hair and deposit semi-permanent pigment to fill, shape and enhance the brow. Results last up to a year and can be maintained even longer with regular touch ups. Cost: Starting at $300.

4. Fresh resurface: collagen boost

IPL is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that utilizes intense pulsed light lasers to help rejuvenate and heal the skin. “Photo-rejuvenation treatments can help to boost collagen, unify and lighten any dark pigmentation spots, as well as minimizing any type of diffused redness revealing a healthy and clearer skin tone,” says Westboro Spa’s manager Nathalie Gauthier of the 30-minute in-spa procedure.
The results can be seen after the first treatment. Cost: $225.

4. Smooth foundation: lasers + injections

“Botox is an ideal tool to ward off the unwanted signs of facial skin wear-and-tear, and a new movement towards pre-juvenation supports its use to prevent the development of irreversible hyperdynamic rhytides (wrinkles),” says laser and cosmetic medicines specialist Dr. Karen Dover of KJD-MD.

She also recommends Thermage CPT for skin-tightening, which acts to shrink-wrap the skin while lifting, recontouring, redefining and realigning features. It gives instant results, with full and permanent results at six months. Cost: Starting at $375.

Melissa Shabinsky

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