The right equipmentPublished on December 13, 2016

  • Light Band Shoulder Raise Stand on the band, raise the arm to shoulder height, repeat 10-12 reps. Give the band more slack for an easier work-out, decrease slack as your strength increases over time.
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • Find your sweet spot on the ball balanced between your mid back and bottom (practice makes it easier over time). 
Lift the legs and hold a hollow position; alternate legs similar to bicycle movement
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

The gym is where my mind reconnects with my body. My endorphins kick in and I feel a release of the monsters – stress, errands, inbox – that constantly grow inside me. My gym, and any gym for that matter, should have no restrictions – it doesn’t need to involve a membership card, monthly payments, fancy workout gear or the appearance that you always know what you’re doing. It just needs to be a mindset, that for an allotted time, you will sweat, strengthen, mold, and build a stronger you by working out. And what better place to workout than at home?


Gym Boss: Also known as an interval timer, forces you to be accountable. It’s a great external motivator (envision a personal trainer standing over you for three more reps). I set the timer for 40 seconds of output and ten seconds of rest, repeating for 40 minutes. Be creative or repetitive, going from legs to arms, core to cardio, with pushups, plank holds, burpees, lunges, jump squats, bicep curls, and shoulder raises. Once you get rolling, the ideas keep coming. Beginners can try 30 seconds of output and 20 seconds of rest, and increase the output time and decrease the rest time, as you get stronger.

Bands: Lightweight and portable bands are the easiest way to create resistance and added weight. I like using them for shoulders, biceps and tricep. Similar to dumbbells, you can use the bands for shoulder raises, or side raises, bicep curls and triceps’ extensions. When I’m using the Gym Boss timer, I simply repeat until the time runs out. There is always the option of going with a heavier band and increasing sets and reps. 
BOSU Ball: My investment in home gym equipment that I use for cardio, balance, stability and core.

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