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  • The Calabogie Rustic Furniture Company
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • Redneck Bistro
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  • Tastefunatic
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  • Bittersweet Gallery
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  • Calabogie Motorsports Park

A fun four-season resort town in Greater Madawaska, Renfrew County region, is just 80 kilometers west of Ottawa. Calabogie is home to a charming cottage community offering quaint shopping, outdoor adventure and dining experiences to day-tripping visitors. Calabogie can easily become more than a daytrip with opportunities for an overnight stay in resorts that offer gourmet dining experiences. Take in one of the many festivals going on in the area over the summer, and enjoy the feeling of being on the water with picturesque Lake Calabogie at the forefront of this Ottawa Valley town.


Calabogie Peaks Resort, 
30 Barrett Shoot Road, Calabogie

In the heart of a natural setting that embraces water and green mountain splendor, the Calabogie Peaks Resort is a four-season experience that offers drinks on the patio, paddling, hiking and gourmet dining all summer long. Canthooks Restaurant reaps the benefits of chef Tristan Hertzog’s affinity for bringing nature’s offerings to each plate. With 25 guest rooms in the boutique-style hotel, spending the weekend or just a night will feel like a genuine summer getaway.


The Calabogie Rustic Furniture Company, 5258 Murphy Road

Check out the Calabogie Rustic Furniture Company, located in a 100-acre forest, to incorporate custom log furniture in your cottage décor. This valley business makes everything from log furnishings to stair railings and cottage signs in the onsite workshop.


Redneck Bistro, 
12609 511 Lanark Road

This relatively new restaurant is fast becoming a favourite dining spot for locals and cottagers. The interior combines rustic influences with tin and barnwood walls and classic wide plank pine floors in a chic space that also doubles as a meat market. Owners Nick White, Ken McCafferty and Greg Wilson pride themselves on serving certified prime meats to a clientele with a taste for craft beer and quality food.


Tastefunatic, 168 Grassy Bay Rd

Eat, sleep and cook, all with nature’s influences in an historic pioneer setting. Chef Gunnar Guckes appeals to the senses with his cooking classes within the modern kitchen decorated with rustic influences that include a touch of glam with a chandelier that dangles from the center of the ceiling. The all-in-one experience at Tastefunatics appeals to a variety of tastes and makes an ideal setting to host a special event or small gathering of friends.


Bittersweet Gallery, 5 Leckie Lane, Burnstown

Home to the works of famed sculptor Richard Gill, who along with his wife Cheryl Babineau,  runs the Bittersweet Gallery that showcases the work of more than 50 artists. The front of the gallery is a store carrying a variety of artistic works including the collection of jewellery designer Anne Marie Chagnon’s art-inspired pieces. Out back, is Richard’s workshop and kiln, with an upstairs studio for artist John Bradley. Find this artistic haven in the heart of Burnstown, enroute to Calabogie.


Looking to put a little thrill into your road trip? Check out this world-class facility, known as home to one of the longest racetracks in Canada. The course is designed for both amateurs and club level performance drivers. Use your own car and find out what it can do on the track or rent one of theirs. Spectators will get a charge out of the excitement and new drivers can take advantage of on site coaching. The Calabogie Motorsports Park has a number of events taking place over the summer. Visit for more details.

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