White without a fightPublished on November 27, 2022

Valspar colour of the year 2023, "cozy white"

A room wrapped in white might not seem like a very inviting space, particularly when, just outside the window, our world is awash with snowdrifts and ice. It’s all about choosing the right tone. With embellishment, rich wood tones, and objets d'art being all the rage on the current design scene, a warm white backdrop might be just what your space calls for.

A bathroom painted in white offers limited distraction and begs for a piece of artwork to add intrigue. Choose a white tone that leans toward blush or beige to complement skin colour. Grey whites tend to wash us out, and too much yellow in the tint can negatively impact radiant energy, causing lighting to bounce off the walls.

With the moody hues of browns and earthy greens popping up on fabrics, white walls are ideal to let the decoration take a leading role. Detailed fabrics, rich in colour, shouldn’t fight with walls for attention. Pull a neutral tone out from the most eye-catching fabric in the room so that all aspects work harmoniously together.

Whites to try:

  • Farrow & Ball “Clunch”
  • Valspar “Cozy White”
  • Sherwin-Williams “Divine White”

Mary Taggart

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