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  • Photo by: Jordann Brown

  • Photo by: Jordann Brown

  • Photo by: Jordann Brown

  • Photo by: Jordann Brown

The ensuite isn’t just a bathroom attached to the primary bedroom, it’s a private sanctuary to primp, relax, and sometimes just think.

The Designer

Candace Plotz, the principal designer and founder of Candace Plotz Design, regards the ensuite as a unique place; the only room in the house where you start the day and unwind at its end. It’s a design challenge that requires creativity to combine style and functionality. Candace was put to the test when she took on the remodel of a bathroom in the home of an Ottawa couple.

The young professionals wanted a retreat with a large shower area. The challenge came with the need to design a bathroom with both a luxurious shower and the illusion of more space. Candace was able to do just that by gutting the bathroom completely. This allowed her to relocate plumbing and electrical systems to repurpose ‘wasted’ space and remove visual clutter.

Candace describes her style as ‘transitional’—a balance between traditional and contemporary. The lines are clean without being too cold or sleek. The colour palette is neutral and soothing; the walls are painted a fresh white and adorned with minimal artwork. Organic materials inject a modern vibe with an overall feeling of warmth.

All in the Details

A reeded, white oak double-sink vanity is accented with brass knobs and topped with white quartz. Not only does it add interest and character, but at eight feet long, it provides valuable storage space. A mirror hangs above each sink, framed to match the matte black faucets, flanked by a pair of elegant brushed brass vanity sconces, perfect for small tasks and grooming. The original bathroom provided a window but not enough natural light. Candace chose to remove it and add pot lights for overall lighting.

The walk-in shower was relocated to the opposite wall. It has been designed down to the last detail so that you can create the perfect shower experience. The door is custom glass. The walls are clad in tile reminiscent of traditional handmade zellige (also known as Moroccan tiles or zellige terracotta), an ancestor of the subway tile. The colour of each tile varies slightly, adding a ripple effect to enhance texture and visual interest.

An oval freestanding bathtub with a tub filler in the same matte black as the vanity fixtures sits elegantly in the corner of the room. A stool within arm’s reach is the perfect height for bath salts or a glass of wine.

Minimalist decorative accents elevate the sense of luxury, including earthenware pots, leafy green plants, and vintage-style bath and shower products. The floor completes the look. It is covered with large square porcelain tiles in a neutral colour with a timeless white veining. It’s like stepping into a spa without the inconvenience of leaving your house.

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