A Study in ContrastPublished on April 24, 2021

  • Image Supplied by The French Bedroom Co.

  • Titan pendant, originalbtc.com

  • Oskar chair, $999, EQ3

  • Benjamin Moore Metropolitan

  • Tory Burch Mini Miller Sandal, $128, Nordstrom

  • Original Tall Rainboots, $180, Hunter

The Pantone colour of the year is one of the most influential elements within the design world. Fashion and décor aficionados look to it for inspiration and lead decision making off the choice. It’s only fitting that the choice for 2021 played a mind game. Not one but, two colours were chosen.

The selection of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow is supposed to create a feeling of diversity to show how two independent colours work together. Yes, in theory this concept is beautiful. However, in practice, well, it will take some practice, and not everyone is going to get it right.
Here’s the problem: yellow. While obviously, the colour instills an instant pop of joy to make us all feel happier just by looking at the sunny shade, yellow is in fact one of the most challenging colours to work with. So, what’s the suggestion? Add grey to balance off the riot that yellow creates.

This is an ideal solution, but here’s the problem: grey. Grey comes in a multitude of shades. The hue offers so many options that it has become universally known as one of the most popular wall colours to assign. However, not all of them work with yellow and not all yellows work with grey. See where this is going? I can’t quite figure out why Pantone would do this to us this year. I was expecting something soft, soothing, and easy to live with. But always up for a challenge I’m offering a variety of ways for style seekers to stay on trend while also feeling calm, knowing that it will all come together.

Look to nature when choosing yellow and grey. Think about going with a brilliant yellow from the sun, and cool concrete grey from river rocks and mountain sides and you should be feeling harmonious with a style that shows off a whole lot of optimism! When I think of it that way, I am a little swayed. Just maybe, Pantone is on to something!

Mary Taggart

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