Welcoming greenPublished on December 11, 2018

Emerald-green tiles from Ceratec Photo by: Mark Holleron

High impact, low-stress green is one of the most versatile colour families to work with. No matter which shade you choose, emerald, sage, olive or mint, green breathes life into space.

Current trends are choosing a deep, rich version of the shade. Painting a front door green is a welcome symbol and a nod to the positive energy that leads into the home. Bring it into the bathroom to create an uplifting effect in this well-used space.

Combine green with white paint, tinted on the grey/beige side of white, for a complementary contrast. Avoid whites with blue tints. Choose gold accents to play up the luxurious qualities of green.

Designer Tanya Collins used emerald-green tiles from Ceratec in the in-law suite bathroom at the CHEO Lottery dream home with striking results.

Mary Taggart

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