Inspired By TravelPublished on July 25, 2018

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The benefits of travel stay with us long after we return from vacation. According to, 41 per cent of travellers bring their experiences home through décor. If your holiday plans include staying home this summer, consider implementing some of the top globally-inspired decorating ideas in a room inspired by travel, while you start dreaming about or planning your next trip.


Blue waters and white stucco are classic characteristics of the Greek Islands and a timeless style that has been a top décor-inspired trend for a majority of Canadians. You can implement a Mediterranean look with textured tiles, natural fabrics and terracotta flooring.


Clean lines and pared-back style are key elements in Scandinavian design, which is often described as utilitarian. But the look offers the warmth of wood in a simplistic beauty that comes together with intrigue. Blonde woods and natural fabrics are a key component to getting this minimalistic style right.


The look of country has long been a crowd favourite for its warmth and comfort. Farmhouse style often comes home after a trip to the French or English countryside. Breathe a little romance into your décor with a collection of treasures, floral fabrics and a bit of lace dotted into a style that embraces imperfection, libations and casual gatherings—preferably around a big family table.


A trip to a big global city always makes us feel a little more sophisticated! Bring the look home by adding a few conversation pieces from your travels. Settle on large-scale furnishings reflective of the need to retreat, and frame it within a neutral colour scheme, against a backdrop of urban elements like exposed brick, over-sized artwork and dramatic lighting.

Mary Taggart

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