Pretty in Pastel Published on July 17, 2018


The ultimate choice for serene spaces, a pastel colour scheme is soft and soothing.

The beauty of decorating with a pastel palette is the diversity these warm shades offer. Soft pinks and yellows combined with cool blues can work with both contemporary and traditional spaces, and function in feminine and masculine environments. Wildly popular in the ‘50s, the scheme is ideally suited to mid-century modern décor. But by adjusting the accessories to accommodate style, these hues can be injected into a multitude of spaces.

Décor trends for 2018 call for bringing in glamour through dark wood, metallics and luxurious fabrics—which all work perfectly with the softness of a pastel colour scheme. Soft colours also allow for more options to include detailing like wallpaper, moody floral prints and textured fabrics.

The ideal choice for implementing this scheme is within a bedroom, but it can be taken further and carried into main living spaces to create stylish rooms with hints of romantic flair.

Mary Taggart

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