A Fresh StartPublished on March 3, 2016

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Working with an empty space to transform it into a functional and eye-pleasing room might sound like a decorator’s dream. But there are always challenges, as Catherine Pulcine, who is the principal designer with Decorating Den Interiors – The CPI Team, discovered. She was confronted with the task of creating a contemporary-style living room, designed for entertaining, with the ability to comfortably seat six in a brand new home. The clients were completely changing their traditional design style and wanted a fresh new look.

The space was bright and open, but not necessarily large enough to incorporate vast seating arrangements. The clients chose a white, red and black colour scheme and requested that a certain piece of artwork be placed above the fireplace.

Challenges and Restrictions:

The client wanted a contemporary style that still maintained the warm and cozy feeling of traditional décor.

Limited space within an open concept posed a furniture arrangement challenge.

Supplied artwork played a dominant role in the overall feeling of the décor.

The client established the red and black colour scheme.

A staircase leading to the lower level encroached on the living space.

The Results:

Catherine used the artwork as inspiration for the overall look of the space, while cleverly arranging small-scale loveseats and armless chairs to create plenty of seating without overwhelming the area.

Placing a sofa against the stair railing allowed the awkward feature to function as wall space.
Small amounts of red and black were introduced to a white backdrop to add the right amount of colour and create a warm feeling within the cool, contemporary style.

Enhancing the fireplace wall with red drawn from the artwork permitted the piece to blend into the décor.

Mixing metals also added warmth while honouring the modern approach to the décor.

Mary Taggart

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