All-inclusive colourPublished on February 21, 2018

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The Pantone Colour Institute has chosen Ultra Violet as the colour of the year for 2018. For those in the design world, there is much speculation and anticipation over which shade will dominate the style scene each year.

Pantone offers a unified way of communicating colour. Their team of experts scours the globe annually before selecting the colour of the year, and the choice often stirs controversy. This year the debate was less about the choice and more about whether violet was officially purple or a colour of its own. To be clear, violet stems from purple, yet has its own powers.

Coincidentally, colour experts had been divided in their predictions as anticipation for the 2018 choice grew. Many guessed red to be the next on-trend shade and others predicted blue – in some ways both were right! Ultra Violet is a fine blend of both red and blue, infused with white to create the deeply-striking tone of purple that will rule the fashion and décor scene over the next year.

The versatility of a combination of both cool and warm colours coming together to create violet embraces the power of positivity and sends an uplifting message. Blue offers stability, while red stimulates and lifts the spirit. When merged, the two have great possibilities as the deep tone is grounded in confident strength, yet brings cosmic influences to create some mystique in any space that incorporates Ultra Violet.

Trends in décor point to tone-on-tone palettes that make room for colourful pops. Grey is the ideal backdrop for purple and provides the right dose of contemporary luxury to balance a space with violet accents.

Adding purple to your décor and wardrobe will bring some allure into your style while offering an uplifting message to those around you. Choosing to tone down purple to bring in violet, will alleviate some of the strength to create a space with greater appeal.

Colour psychology preaches the benefit of bringing purple into décor, yet often warns of its stimulating powers. Ultra Violet is slightly quieter than a true purple which is often associated with wealth and royalty. Violet has a much more all-inclusive aura surrounding it, which is exactly what the world needs right now.

As violet appeals to both men and women, this choice is also on target with a societal atmosphere seeking balance, equality and inclusiveness. The shade had a powerful influence over style in the 60s and 70s, so its resurgence answers the call for change in the world’s social climate. Bring violet into your personal and design style with confidence – it will do a world of good.

Mary Taggart

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