Loyal bluePublished on October 5, 2017

Photo by: Photo courtesy Covet House

Like your most cherished friend and closest confidante, navy blue is reliable, loyal and a trustworthy choice in décor. Blue is associated with masculinity and corporate hierarchy with such strength in tone that it can stand alone, although it has been most popular when paired with white in nautical, East coast style.

Traditionally considered a safe choice for classic décor style, blue is moving into a slicker phase. This strong colour is becoming a popular choice within contemporary design. Striking navy blue, paired with gold accents and sleek furnishings, is anything but boring. The deeper the tone, the greater its power. The look is confident and sophisticatedwith an element of classic composure.

As blue isn’t a fad colour, this look is here for a while. Go ahead and paint walls in a deep navy. Bring in blue furnishings and accents and dress them up with a few gold accessories to elevate the style to today’s sophisticated trends.

Rooms painted blue will offer a sense of calm, no matter whatshade you choose. Deep blue walls create environments of strengthand sophistication. Use the colour in the living room, dining room, and even the entry way, to show decorating confidence and a commitment to a powerful personal style with integrity.

Mary Taggart

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