Romancing the wallsPublished on July 11, 2017

Image courtesy of Bobbi Jo Engelby of Domain Interiors & Design, Charleston, SC

Floral patterns are one of the biggest style trends for 2017. From the runway to hallways, flowers are blooming and they’re coming up bold and bright.

There is no denying the vibrancy that a bold floral print can bring to a room. If space allows, be daring and paper a feature wall in a colourful flower-printed wallpaper – or be equally as daring, but more dramatic – by choosing a moodier print of large posies on a dark background.

The look is strong and the blooms are large with no mini prints for this design trend. Choose high-quality papers to ensure an elegant effect that balances colour and pattern without overtaking the space.

Paint adjacent walls in complementary neutral tones, and let the flowers do the talking in a room that is sure to bring lively conversation into bloom.

Mary Taggart

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