Imaginative holiday decor + contemporary designPublished on November 14, 2016

  • Architect Rod Lahey designed open spaces with contemporary warmth using white oak detailing on walls and flooring; artwork on stairs by Sharon Barr
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • Florist Elizabeth Young mimicked the Valerie Butters painting in a festive floral arrangement
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • The dining room light fixture is a contemporary work of art, from Marchand Electric
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • A painting by Lori Richards from Wall Space Gallery holds a prominent front entrance location
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • Coffee table is from Artemano, Flowers talk Tivoli created the natural arrangement
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • Kitchen designed by Friedemann Weinhardt, Design First Kitchens
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

Decorated rooms in all shapes, sizes and styles are viewed on the annual tour of  The Homes for the Holidays. The thrill of creative festive décor with imaginative themes attracts thousands of visitors who will be inspired by eight beautiful homes on this year’s three-day tour, November 18- 20.

A stunning new-build home in West Wellington Village is sure to delight visitors as they experience its soaring contemporary spaces bursting with fantastic floral creations. The homeowners had barely moved in when they were asked to participate, and the exterior construction was completed only weeks before the tour weekend. But they could not refuse the opportunity to support the popular fundraising event for Hospice Care Ottawa, which they believe is a cause dear to everyone’s heart.

One member of the home-owning couple is not only proud to open her new family home to benefit the Ottawa community, but is also thrilled to showcase the designing talents of those involved in the tour. She praised the spectacular work of Elizabeth Young, the owner of Flowers Talk Tivoli in Westboro, who along with her team of florists, was busy decorating two of the holiday homes this year. Elizabeth explained that while the other home is quite traditional, this ultra-contemporary home with an open layout required an innovative, outside the box approach.

“We wanted to play off the geometrical shapes in the home and furnishings with an industrial feel that has a rustic element to it,” says Elizabeth. “We brought in metals, succulents and plants, as well as colours influenced by the home’s amazing collection of art,” which she adds includes a gorgeous painting of French tulips in the living room and cherry blossoms in the family room.


Inside the elevated entry, there are striking sightlines into the main living area ahead, the dining room to the left, and a see-through staircase on the right. To kick-off the excitement of holiday décor, a tall white Christmas tree stands on the lower staircase landing, showered with natural light from high windows. In the dining room, a spectacular arrangement demands attention; while the pedestal dining table set with white linens, chargers and a magnificent floral centrepiece, is guaranteed to get the festive juices flowing.

For a more traditional feel, a giant Christmas tree in the living room is decorated with gold and metallic ornaments, and surrounded with luxuriously wrapped gifts. The fireplace is adorned with a rich magnolia and greenery garland that pools on the floor. A bouquet of French tulips to highlight the artwork, mercury-glass candle holders, little metal trees and more distinctive ornaments, all work together to add layers of festive flavour to the room.

In the sleek kitchen, a trio of metallic lighting fixtures from Marchand Electric hang over the marble island and defines the cool, clean lines of the space. Below sits a natural arrangement of fruits and vegetables that include burgundy pomegranates, green artichokes and chestnuts, arranged in a chunky metal container. They combine to enhance the food and cooking theme with contemporary elements.

For the family area in the great room, Elizabeth introduced lots of wood and candles in whites and greens with a punch of purple to add texture and warmth to the neutral décor of the open space. In the corner, she set up a natural branch tree in blonde drift wood for a touch of California holiday style.

To complete the holiday scene, even the backyard porch mimics the interior by featuring geometrical metal shapes and hanging festive arrangements. Inside and out, the warm and welcoming home is ready to celebrate the season.

In fact, Elizabeth suggested that the family should fully enjoy their lavishly decorated spaces and throw an early Christmas party right after the weekend tour is finished. She is just a powerhouse of great ideas!

Jane Whiting

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