Past to presentPublished on October 2, 2016

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We see influences from past decades making a big impression on the fashion scene, which we know means the décor world will follow suit. From tailored menswear inspired by the 40s to the 70s boho chic, historical style inspirations are creeping up everywhere.

Retro-inspired furnishings and carpets with hip elements of the past are spreading a bold and stylish fervor, and a resurgence in wallpaper is one trend that isn’t being shy. We’re catching metallic and heavily-patterned prints popping up in every room of the house. Principal and lead designer with Uproar Interiors Janise Saikaley covets wallpaper and says, “Chinoiserie papers are making a comeback and I’m really digging monkeys these days in textiles and papers.” She adds that flora and fauna are big paper pattern influencers, in addition to strong elements of birds and butterflies.

The effect of wallpaper is far more luxurious than paint and makes a bolder statement to add the wow factor to any space. An entire room can be wrapped in luxury, including the ceiling. The effect is equally impressive when a feature wall is papered and complemented with a coordinating paint colour.

Charlotte Cosby, head of creative for Farrow & Ball, notes that homeowners are getting imaginative with their wallpaper use. “We are seeing people use wallpaper in more and more creative and unusual ways; from hanging stripes horizontally or pairing the same wallpaper in different colourways, to hanging paper on the ceiling or doors.”

Janise agrees and adds, “Papering the doors makes the wall and room appear longer and more spacious.” She also offers that by choosing a tight, clean paper pattern you can layer the look with artwork without things appearing off balance.

Charlotte Cosby’s tips for wallpaper hanging

• Start with a clean, dry surface. Remove any grease and dirt from walls
• Fill any cracks or chips for a smooth finish 
• Measure the paper to ensure you have what you need, while allowing a few extra inches for trimming 
• When hanging paper on doors use a hardwearing spray contact adhesive in place of wallpaper paste. Don’t paste the paper, as it will expand during soaking and then shrink when hung on a wooden door. To ensure the wallpaper remains in place it’s best to apply the adhesive to both the paper and the door

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