Cottage stylePublished on July 7, 2016

Photo by: Mark Holleron

Cottage-style décor usually starts with a neutral colour scheme to inject a soothing, easy-living colour palette into the space. Cream and navy blue are popular choices and blend beautifully with the wood tones that often go into creating cottage style.

Find a mix of heirloom pieces, vintage flea market treasures and classic furnishings to define a true cottage-style room. Prints are often a mix of florals and stripes against a solid backdrop.

In this Quebec cottage living room, interior designer Sonya Kinkade combined crisp white and fresh fabrics to contrast with the warm wood tones. She also mixed old and new, complementing the outdoor influences by using natural textures. Sonya believes in creating comfortable spaces within the cottage-style décor and notes, “I think the primary key element in any of my cottage designs is to create a space with a sense of everyday ease.”

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