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Seeking a fresh new food option this season? Many local chefs offer up their services for at-home dining, often with customizable menus and interactive options perfect for the holidays. These chefs will cook for as few as two as well as for larger groups, delivering the cherished intimacy of entertaining at home while enjoying the luxury of chef-prepared cuisine. 

Eva Bee

Eva Bee specializes in recreating family classics with dietary restrictions in mind so that nobody feels deprived at the dinner table. She loves preparing Italian-inspired, family-style meals including delicious sharing platters, incorporating keto, paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan elements as requested. Seasonal fare is inspired by her world travels.

Contact her at or visit

Harriet Clunie

With experience creating gourmet in-home lunches for two, dinner parties for a dozen, or canapé parties for a crowd, Harriet Clunie—the Wandering Chef—enjoys serving as a personal chef for small events, weddings, and special meals at clients’ homes or other venues. A genuinely collaborative menu planner and cook, she is particularly adept at accommodating dietary restrictions and preferences.

Holiday dinners for up to 20 people are a seasonal focus; reach out to her at

Daniela Crocco

Daniela Crocco combines her Italian background with French culinary training to provide in-home chef services for dinner parties and other events. With an emphasis on wholesome, nutrient-dense foods that accommodate all dietary needs or restrictions, her holiday offerings include dinner parties, family gatherings, workplace get-togethers, intimate dinners as well as team-building cooking classes and demonstrations.

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Stephanie Nolan

With established menus as a starting point, Chef Steph’s clients welcome her creativity and flexibility, including options for all types of diets. Particularly popular are her substantial salads packed with protein and vegetables. During the holiday season, her offerings include fun and stress-free appetizer parties allowing maximum mingling while bite-sized savoury and sweet treats are served all evening.

Reach her at or

Amanda McGarry

Amanda McGarry prepares meals as elaborate as elegant seven-course dinners right through to deliciously simple comfort food for a girl’s night in, to create a culinary experience that perfectly matches the client’s vision for their celebration. For the holiday season, just a few of her available options include holiday-themed hors d’oeuvres, vegan and vegetarian meals, turkey dinners, plus gluten-free and keto-friendly baking.

Connect with her at or visit

Jennifer Bardwell

Jennifer Bardwell is passionate about preparing fine foods for clients in their homes, offering many different cuisines with Italian, French, and more traditional Canadian dishes among the most-requested. Whether addressing food preferences or more complex dietary requirements, Jennifer can develop delicious, tailored menus. Her private chef services are complemented by home meal delivery and special frozen holiday meals.

Reach her at or visit

Whitney Toogood

Offering elevated home cooking with global influences, Whitney Toogood specializes in completely customized, made-from-scratch meals. Extensive consultation and collaboration precede the development of tailored menu plans which are finely tuned to simultaneously meet clients’ dietary needs and deliver exceptional taste. Holiday feasts including scrumptious desserts are a popular annual offering.

She can be contacted at or visit

Paula Roy

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