Shopping for JoyPublished on November 28, 2023


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I’ll admit it: I’m a shopper. I am an excellent shopper. 
I could likely step into your life for a short while and head to a store and find the perfect gift for you.

So, pulling together a magazine we’ve labelled as our shopping issue is a thrill. Although challenging at times, given the flux of the retail landscape and global despair, compiling a gift guide can feel trite. But, in a nod to the wise words of fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld, shopping for joy isn’t a bad thing.

Here in Ottawa, we have the luxury of pockets of neighbourhoods around the city and surrounding areas that offer a charming selection of locally owned boutiques where shop owners work to get to know their customers and service their needs, particularly during the bustling holiday season. Strolling the streets and checking out the shops can feel like a well-deserved break. Step into our pages as if stepping into a shop to find inspiration to treat yourself, a loved one, or anyone else you might be inclined to offer a gift this season.

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Merry’s Must Reads

All THE WORLD’S A WONDER by Melia McClure

A psychological fiction story brings three people together across time and space to meet through a playwright's bizarre creative process.

CLASS  by Stephanie Land

The best-selling author of MAID has turned out a new memoir about her struggles as a single mother with limited income in college pursuing a writing career, all the while facing obstacles with every step.

THE OTHER MOTHERS  by Katherine Faulkner  

A mother never expected to fit in with the other mothers in her son’s playgroup, given the vast differences in lifestyle, but when they accept her, Tash begins to wonder if their motives are genuine.


When a woman sees a man who looks just like her husband on a dating app, she thinks she must be mistaken, except she took the picture of him. This is the start of many signs of betrayal, and then she signs up for the app, too…

THE FICTION WRITER by Jillian Cantor

A thriller about an acclaimed writer with writer’s block who takes a job as a ghostwriter for a billionaire with connections to Daphne du Maurier. Caught in a web of obsession, marital secrets, and stolen manuscripts, the writer takes on more than she’d signed up for. 

THE HAPPY COUPLE by Naoise Dolan

A sharp-witted story about a couple closing in on their wedding date, surrounded by three friends who may end up drawing them apart.

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