Patio décorPublished on May 17, 2016

Patio furnishings available at Lowe's

The moment the weather starts to show signs of warming up in the capital, Ottawans begin to create outdoor spaces for entertaining and simply living outside of our homes.

When backyard space is grand the possibilities are endless for décor with room for variety that includes entertaining and lounging areas. But, when space is tight and restricted to a patio or balcony it’s important to keep things well organized and visually appealing.

Small spaces have the benefit of using nature’s inspirations to create a colour scheme. The greenery and sky all play a role when decorating smaller outdoor areas. Keep this in mind when choosing plants for container gardens and fabric for furnishings. Remember that while plants start off small and contained, growth happens quickly as summer heat sets in. In a compact patio or deck three pots, with a variety of plant materials, is plenty.

Start with a neutral base fabric for chairs and loungers and accessorize with no more than 3 different cushion patterns. Keep in mind that cushions are decorative and likely need to be stored to make room for seating. Identifying storage areas will help to keep a smaller space clutter free and more usable. Find furniture that can do double-duty. The Lowe's storage cooler is ideal to function as a table, a bar cart and storage area. Nesting tables are another great option and seating benches take up less room than chairs and offer versatility.

With careful planning, dining Al Fresco can become a nightly ritual! Remember that scented candles ruin the natural scent from ornamental trees and flowers. Opt for patio lanterns and unscented candle to light up your outdoor living space and breath in as much of nature as the season allows for.

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