Local Love: Rebecca Rowe: Capsule CreatorPublished on March 19, 2020


What is the name of your business? Rebecca Rowe: Capsule Creator.

Where are you located? Ottawa, ON (I do most of my work in my home studio!)

How long have you been in business? ​I have worked under my label for four years now, although have rebranded to Capsule Creator in September 2019.

Can customers order from you online?Yes!

What is your specialty? ​I specialize in creating personality-based capsule wardrobes. I simplify your life and help you take back your time! (not that we need more time these days, but you get it 😋).

A fun fact about your business? This idea really took off because I don't own jeans. Weird, but I have lived with a capsule wardrobe for a long time and I hate jeans. I went on Pinterest one day looking for research and every. single. capsule wardrobe "must-haves" had a pair of jeans. That was the moment where I was like, "Oh hell no. This needs to be set straight."

What will you miss day to day about your business, aside from the business aspect? Meeting with clients for sure. Hearing their stories, helping them find that garment that makes them smile, or going in and helping them to define their style through a capsule wardrobe.

Anything else Ottawans should know about your business? ​I am a small batch designer, meaning that I only make a small number of sizes with any given fabric. Which means for you that no one else will have your look.

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