Local Love: Chez KwetuPublished on March 16, 2020


What is the name of your business? My business name is Chez Kwetu, which means home.

Where are you located? In Ottawa but more like Rockland.

How long have you been in business? Since 2016. Took a year off and came back in 2018.

Can customers order from you online? Yes. I have an etsy shop and also a website. You should check out the Etsy shop for 20% off, use coupon code THANKS2020.

Do you offer online gift certificates? Yes I do.

What is your speciality? I make wall hangings using Global textile and Yarn

A fun fact about your business? I like to include myself, my past stories, into each one of my creation and also include my boys as inspiration for my present.

What will you miss day to day about your business, aside from the business aspect? The joy and engagement from my following. Everyone is so quiet now. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

Anything else Ottawans should know about your business? Every piece is made by me from a loving heart, home for their home. I'm hoping to carry the same love I have while creating each piece to each home of my customers.

Olivia Taggart

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