Five fabulous wedding gift ideas for the foodie couplePublished on May 5, 2019

  • Urban barrel

  • Lagostina Bronze Elegance stainless steel cookware

  • Pour over coffee stand

  • Biēm butter sprayer

  • Avance premier collection pasta maker

As wedding gift etiquette continues to evolve, friends and family of the ‘soon-to-be-marrieds’ are more eager than ever to select items from the couple’s registry or wish list. With this in mind, here are a few contemporary suggestions that are sure to bring years of usefulness and joy to many newlyweds’ homes, particularly those who share a love of food, drink and entertaining.

Urban Barrel

The perfect gift for the cocktail-loving couple, these sturdy little barrels allow you to mimic the time-honoured process of aging spirits in large oak barrels over several years, but in as little as 4-to-6 weeks. Turn any non-premium bottle of scotch, brandy, whiskey, rum, bourbon, tequila or cognac into a delicious and unique beverage that has the smooth flavour of a well-aged premium batch. Available at

Lagostina Bronze Elegance stainless steel cookware

Practical and durable, Lagostina pots are as enjoyable to cook with as they are beautiful to behold. With this sophisticated new 12-piece set, the thick aluminum base provides excellent heat transfer, encapsulated by premium stainless steel for optimum heat retention. Sloped sides make cooking easier and the contrasting bronze handles provide optimum durability and style. Available at Hudson's Bay. 

Pour over coffee stand

Chic and functional, this pour over coffee stand makes great-tasting coffee and is a snap to use. Adding some industrial style to the kitchen, it features walnut wood, cast iron gas pipe, and a Pyrex glass funnel. Just add a filter and your favourite coffee shop's grounds, pour boiled water into the funnel and you’ll be fuelled for the morning. Handmade by Ottawa’s Really Horrible Enterprises and available at Maker House Co.

Biēm butter sprayer

Rugged and rechargeable, this nifty gadget uses no chemical or artificial propellants, just heat and air to melt and spray butter on toast, popcorn, vegetables and more. You’ll use less butter and achieve better distribution; it’s also an ideal way to use butter as a natural, non-stick cooking spray for baking pans, skillets and cast-iron grills. Available at

Avance premier collection pasta maker

Designed and manufactured by Philips, this electric appliance makes it effortless to create delicious, homemade pasta in just 10 minutes. With the touch of a button, the device mixes, kneads and extrudes fresh dough with perfect texture and flavour. It comes with four shaping disks to create various types of pasta plus it’s easy to clean. Available at Bed Bath and Beyond, and other retailers.

Paula Roy

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