Time to refresh Published on April 11, 2019


As the seasons change we are often tempted to tackle a home improvement project. But budgets don’t always comply with our desire for an update.

There are a few simple things that go a long way to refreshing space. Setting aside a weekend to paint will do wonders to brighten up your space. From simply touching up doors and trim to taking, it to the next level and repainting an entire room, a fresh coat of paint can be transforming.

Tempted by some of the vibrant shades of spring? Consider painting the powder room in an on-trend colour; deep green, something peachy or even sunny yellow! Go ahead, its only paint, and when you get tired of it there will quickly be another trendy shade ready to take its place!

Toss cushions and throws do wonders to not only dress up a sofa but change the look of a room. Yellow has burst its way into the world of style so depending on your furniture’s base colour go vibrant, or opt for a luxurious tone of gold or simply include the sunny shade in a patterned pillow.

No matter what level of home improvement you decide to undertake the time has come to look at your space and breath some life into it.

Mary Taggart

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