Oh Canada brunch buffetPublished on June 25, 2018

  • Grilled strawberry shortcakes

  • Gazpacho soup

  • Canadian bacon sandwiches

  • Rhubarb-Ginger Sparklers

  • Spinach and raspberry salad

For proud Canadians both at home and abroad, July 1st is THE day to gather and toast our beautiful country. What better way to kickstart a day-long celebration than with a Canadian-inspired brunch? Filled with fresh, early-summer inspiration, this menu also includes lots of red to complement your party’s décor.

Greet guests with a signature mocktail or cocktail: These Rhubarb-Ginger Sparklers from the summer edition of Ottawa At Home are as refreshing as they are pretty. Make the rhubarb syrup ahead of time then blend it in pitchers with soda water or sparkling wine. Garnish with edible flowers and your party will be off to a stylish start!

Summery soup: Gazpacho shooters will add a big pop of colour and taste to your buffet table. This chilled tomato and vegetable soup is best prepared a day or two ahead so the flavours will have time to blend. Check out this recipe for a few key tips to making the most delicious gazpacho ever.

Superstar sandwiches: It’s often described as one of the most iconic Canadian foods and it’s beloved around the world. Back bacon – aka Canadian or peameal bacon – can be purchased in many stores but it’s fun to make your own from scratch too. Grill or pan fry thin slices then layer them generously on soft rolls with mayonnaise, tomato, cheese and pea shoots or lettuce for a party-pleasing treat.

Fresh flavours: Boost the nutritional and visual appeal of your brunch buffet with this gorgeous spinach and raspberry salad. Make the dressing and candied almond topping ahead and assemble at the last minute.

Patriotic strawberry shortcake: Bake up a batch of vanilla cupcakes. Split them in half, spread the cut sides with a very thin layer of butter then grill for a few minutes until lightly toasted. Layer with whipped cream and strawberries for the prettiest, most flavourful strawberry shortcake ever!

Campfire-inspired squares: These S'mores brownies with salted caramel and dark chocolate are the perfect celebratory sweet treat. A real crowd-pleaser, they consist of a graham cracker crust topped with a chewy brownie layer and toasted mini marshmallows. Bake them up a day or two ahead and watch them disappear as soon as you put them out.

Paula Roy

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