Dining for the communityPublished on June 21, 2018


This June local non-profit, Mealshare, added over 20 new Ottawa eateries to its list of restaurant partners and announced the Parkdale Food Centre as its third local charity partner. Elected city officials and the Ottawa restaurant industry gathered on June 19th to celebrate the milestone.

Mealshare, a non-profit that partners with restaurants and designated charities to provide meals for youth in need, has provided over 100,000 meals thanks to the 35 participating restaurants. Now that the restaurant roster almost doubles with over 20 new locations launching Mealshare the organization was able to adopt the Parkdale Food Centre as a third local partner. The other two local charity partners include Operations Come Home and The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa.

Look for the Mealshare icon on the menu the next time you dine out in Ottawa! 

For more information on Mealshare visit https://mealshare.ca/en/

Olivia Taggart

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