Spring on the mudroom! Published on March 19, 2018

Photo by: Mark Holleron

Spring is a welcome season in Ottawa but with the joy of warmer weather and longer days comes the nuisance of mud! As the snow melts and turns to slush, revealing the dreadful sight of a mucky mess, we become acutely aware of the need for a well-designed mudroom.

Not all homes are equipped with the space for a perfectly planned mudroom but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a high functioning area for coats, rain gear and footwear.

First decide where you want to enter the home and work from there. If you have wall space you have something to work with. A backdoor that leads to the basement offers an ideal opportunity for adding coat hooks and even some potential storage shelving. Be creative! The same holds true for a garage. This connected space can easily be included as an area to leave boots, umbrellas and back packs if the area is close to the entry and offers designated storage bins and coat racks.

Adding hooks to an empty wall is an easy solution when there isn’t closet space. Painting the wall a cheery colour to compliment the décor will detract from the high-functioning aspect of the coat and hat hooks. Remember to alternate the height of your hooks to incorporate hanging spots for longer coats and to offer up enough room for clothing to dry.

Consider purchasing a hinged bench and painting it the same colour as the wall to create a built-in feeling. Be sure the flooring is suitable for heavy traffic; stone or ceramic tiles are ideal. Carpeted mudrooms are never a good idea. Ensure you use high quality mats that withstand mold and mildew and can be hosed down easily.

With some creative ingenuity every home can transform an area into a functioning space that will welcome the signs of spring coming through the door!

Mary Taggart

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