Chef Tim Wasylko new director of food and beverage at Infinity Convention CentrePublished on September 27, 2017

  • Jason Peters and Tim Wasylko
    Photo by: Dwayne Brown Studio

  • Infinity Convention Centre
    Photo by: Paula Roy

  • Infinity Convention Centre foyer
    Photo by: Paula Roy

Ottawa’s Infinity Convention Centre is elevating its hospitality game with the appointment of Chef Tim Wasylko as director of food and beverage. The internationally-renowned chef has worked at 24 Sussex Drive, Stornaway and the National Arts Centre, to name just a few of his prestigious local culinary postings, but he brings more than just an impressive resume to this new position. Leveraging his background as both a highly respected chef and culinary instructor, Tim will be collaborating with and mentoring executive chef Jason Peters and his team, helping the Infinity Centre solidify its position as a truly unique event venue.

“I am particularly pleased to work with Jason and his brigade. Jason has been doing a wonderful job for the past year since the Centre opened but as it has been getting busier with each passing month it became evident that creating this new position would allow Chef Peters to focus on creating exceptional dishes and culinary concepts for our clients.”

With over 25 years of experience in the food world, Tim says it is both the facility and the team that drew him to the Infinity Centre from the Fairmont Chateau Montebello. “I’m excited to be working in a state of the art kitchen at a venue with outstanding audiovisual equipment and, of course, an amazing team. Their professionalism and enthusiasm are infectious and I’m truly thrilled to work with them every day,” he notes.

Tim says he’ll be following a three-step process to ensure the food and beverage team gives clients the best service possible. Step one involves actively listening to the client’s approach to ensure their dreams are understood, and that the event has a personal touch. Next will be communicating those key pieces to the kitchen. “Every bite needs to be consistent with the client vision; even the smallest detail is important,” he explains. Lastly, he will be working closely with the front of house team to ensure that the service is perfectly executed. 

He notes that the true beauty of the Infinity Convention Centre is that it feels like a family operation, even though the venue can manage some of the largest events in the city.  “Here, a client isn’t just an order number, they are a person. They are hosting what is an important event in their lives or their career, and we want to honour that,” says Tim. “Whether social or corporate, we understand how critical it is to capture what they are envisioning, and the key to that really comes down to listening.”

Tim confirms that the essence of his job is ensuring that every single client walks away feeling well taken care of.  “I’ve had the opportunity to serve heads of state, royalty, international celebrities and Olympians who have, as you can imagine, some of the most discerning palates and the most particular event planners. Each event requires the same level of perfectionism whether they are a gold medal winning Canadian athlete, a prime minister, or a bride planning her wedding with our help.”

Paula Roy

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