Compacting dorm décorPublished on August 24, 2017

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Heading off to college or university for the first time is stressful for everyone involved. Nervous jitters surrounding leaving home, adjusting to a new school, meeting new friends, and academic challenges are hard to avoid, however, creating a comfortable and well-equipped dorm room will help to alleviate some stresses. 

The reality of the average, small, poorly-equipped dorm room makes it a challenge to transform student living into a Pinterest-perfect room so the sooner that notion is lifted the better off everyone will be!

Check the school website for restrictions. There are plenty!

Storage is limited so creative solutions include making the most of every inch of space. Narrow boxes work perfectly as extra drawer space under beds and multiple hanging options that fit over doorframes provide plenty of room for towels and clothing.

Think of two words when shopping for dorm rooms – compact and compartment. Look for smaller sized items like a mini ironing board, mini fridge (which is ideally rented through the school), carrying cadies, and desk organizers. The more organized the better!

Help students meet nutritional needs by stocking a shelf with some basic non-perishable food supplies and invest in a mini blender for on the run meals like smoothies.

First year is challenging but some of the challenges can be easily met when dorm décor becomes more about everyday function rather than Instagram-able moments!

Mary Taggart

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