What to expect from the CF Rideau Centre relaunchPublished on August 11, 2016

  • Expanded space in CF Rideau Centre

  • Ottawa At Home's beauty and fashion contributor, Melissa Shabinsky, stands next to her larger than life photo in the new space!

  • CF Rideau Centre hosted a classy sneak preview event

  • The expanded space is full of natural light

Last night Ottawa at Home got a sneak peek at the relaunch of the CF Rideau Centre! With the fresh new look, quality retailers and an expanded space, the shopping experience in Ottawa is about to get a whole lot better. In preparation for today’s opening, we sat down with Cindy VanBuskirk, General Manager of CF Rideau Centre, to get her take on what Ottawans can expect from the shopping centre. 

“Today, everything is more contemporary. It’s about making the retailers the stars of the show,” Cindy said, when talking about how the vision for the relaunch came about. “We’ve created a contemporary canvas that lets our retailers shine.”

And Ottawa can expect a lot of new stores to shine! With additions like Simons, Zara, Anthropologie and H&M, CF Rideau Centre is really shaking up the shopping scene.

Cindy explained that the Ottawa market has always been solid, “we don’t have those same highs and lows of other parts of the country,” which is part of the reason why she’s so confident this relaunch will be such a success. “We have the ability to make change for the right reason; to give our customer the best experience.”

Cindy also explained that “the Ottawa customer is more cosmopolitan and sophisticated than ever before. The world has gotten smaller and the people that live in Ottawa have become more worldly.”

So what can Ottawa expect in the future from CF Rideau Centre?

“The community can expect to see a lot more new names in 2017 and 2018,” Cindy said. “And a couple more before the end of this year.”

Just to tease us with anticipation!

Olivia Taggart

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